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Ocean Yoga in Pacifica, CA

Welcome to Ocean Yoga.  Our mission is to provide a sanctuary that provides healing through yoga, massage and dance.

Ocean Yoga is a space where trained teachers teach yoga and belly dance and skilled therapists provide therapies through touch, enhancing the lives of all who come into our space.

We started building the studio in December 2007, with a team of friends and volunteers who worked long hours painting and cleaning, putting up walls, and creating the administrative infrastructure of the studio.  In January 2008, we opened our doors, and on March 28th, 2008, we held our grand opening party.

We are proud to offer a diverse and creative yoga program for all levels, a fantastic Belly Dance program; Massage Therapy and Reiki treatments, as well as a wide variety of workshops.  Our programs are led by experienced and knowledgeable professionals who take great pride in the services they offer.

Over the years, we have grown and changed, yet have stayed true to our core mission to create a space that serves as a refuge from the busy lives we lead.  Ocean Yoga would not exist were it not for the dedication of friends, family, investors, teachers, therapists, and our front desk staff.  We are grateful to our community for the love and support that have made us Ocean Yoga.


8 Tips to Get Your Yoga Practice Going

This is a great article with some tips on how to keep your practice going AFTER your first class! Really, they are great reminders for all of us as yoga practitioners. Often, we can stuck in competition or needing a pose to be RIGHT, rather than focusing on what our body needs in the moment. Enjoy the read! 

Ahimsa (Non-Harm): The Power of Thoughts

Sometimes in yoga, we talk about ahimsa, meaning "non-harm." Non-harm can have so many different connotations in the yoga world. Some take it as non harm to animals and eat vegan. Some take it as non harm to other creatures people. Some take it as non harm to themselves. These are all very on point, though you don't have to be a vegan to practice non harm of animals and creatures. 

Today, the discussion in on non harm of the self. Do an exercise with us, will you? Take a moment, wherever you are, and close your eyes. Find your seat. Feel your sit bones rooted down into the earth and get a sense of rising, or reaching up, through the crown of your head. Now, rest your attention on your breath and just notice your thoughts. Think of them like cars passing by in traffic. You don't have to get caught up on any particular one, you just begin to be aware and notice your thought process and what comes up. Stay with this about 15 breaths or so. 

What did you notice about your thoughts? If you're like the majority of the human population, probably 95% of them were negative. Scary, isn't it, how often we think negative things, whether about other people or ourselves. So what do we do?

I (Amy) made a goal for myself this year to allow less negativity into my life. As soon as I declared it, it was as though the universe set out to test me on how dedicated I was to that promise. The negative thoughts stormed right in and I got overwhelmed. Slowly, over time, I've placed my awareness on the negative thoughts, and when I'm aware I'm having one, I pause.

"Is that really legit, what I just told myself? Am I really stupid? Not good enough? Not pretty enough? Not strong enough?" Most of the time, my answer is no. I am none of those things.

Our thoughts have the power to change us, for the positive or the negative. And guess what? We have a say in the matter! We get to choose which thoughts have power over us. It's as simple (or complicated) as that. 

So, where do you begin with all this? Start with that simple meditation exercise above, of just simply placing your awareness on your thoughts. The more you do this, the more you'll feel this awareness not just with your eyes closed, but with your eyes open, all day long! The next step is, when you feel the awareness of the negative thought, to ask yourself: 

"Is what I just told myself really true?"

See what your answer is, and then tell yourself something positive instead. 

As life gets full of activity, it's easy for me to jump into it full force, let in all those negative thoughts and then realize I wasn't really present for any of it. Give yourself the gift of taking a pause to notice your thoughts, to feel your breath, and to practice self love, especially with our thoughts :)


10 Beginner Yoga FAQ's

For those of you who are brand new to yoga, this article from Yoga Journal may seem simple, but answers some really great questions about the practice. It can be intimidating to step into something unknown. We hope this gives you some insight into how to prepare and what to expect. Simply click on the title to be sent to the link.


We've Started a Blog!

Hello fellow Ocean Yogis! 
We have decided to start a blog to connect further with our community. Expect content on all things wellness, from massage articles, to personal yoga stories and journeys. We are excited to share this venture with you and hope you'll stay tuned for all the exciting content to come!

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