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Refine your Yoga practice! Explore yoga foundations & fundamentals in a dynamic practice which teaches proper form and alignment to help you safely build strength and flexibility. This class will give you the tools you need to safely and mindfully advance your practice. Suitable for all levels with options, variations, and modifications given to allow you to choose to soften or intensify poses to suit your needs and abilities.
Come challenge yourself with Franco in this Ashtanga-inspired, comfortably heated class. Students will get a taste of the Ashtanga tradition at a mindful pace. Expect long holds and challenging asana while being exposed to some Iyengar yoga tricks to boost your awareness and refinement. Franco’s classes usually offer a focus/topic to explore in a progressive way. Also, students should expect significant core work throughout the class in order to build the much needed strength for their practices.
This challenging class is best suited for experienced yogis.
This class is open to all dance and fitness levels. Andrea breaks down the movements and puts them together to make fun and exciting combos. By the end of the class everyone is belly dancing nonstop and feeling fabulous! Wear your yoga outfit and embellish it with some bling. Hip scarves are not required but they sure make the class more fun. This class is the perfect way to burn calories while dancing away the stress.
Level 2/3 Developed by San Francisco-based teacher Rusty Wells, this practice focuses on deep rhythmic breathing combined with a rigorous asana practice in a warm studio with inspiring music.
 BodyChange Yoga is an ongoing inquiry of how to build a yoga practice that is both challenging and sustainable. Emphasis is on building a strong foundation and a serious yoga skill set. Please see winilinguvic.com for more information.
This gentle class is perfect for beginners, those returning after illness or injury, and anyone seeking a gentle yoga class!
A variety of traditional postures taught in accurate alignment and sequence. Emphasis is placed on strength, flexibility, balance, concentration, and breathing. This class is based on body, mind, breath and spiritual connection. Suitable for all levels of practice. Variations will be offered for beginners and for advancing students.
Each class is fun and different, offering lots of variety.
Slow vinyasa in a heated room. This class is designed to move more slowly through asana, linking with the breath. Slower transitions with alignment cues will ensure a safer and more sustainable practice. Longer holds will encourage strength and allow for a richer experience of each pose. Come delve deep into your practice! *The second Monday of each month, class will include live healing Kirtan music by Peter Alexander!
An invigorating flowing vinyasa style class that will tone your body and calm your mind.
This class is taught in a heated room, and is geared toward students who are comfortable with their yoga practice.
Through the practice of Meditation we get to know ourselves. We recognize that we can open to a larger perspective and broader landscape which will lead to expansiveness and openness in our day-to-day lives. Part of sitting is learning how to be at home with silence. Come and join Marianne and others in a powerful group meditation. The practice session may include guided Pranayama (breathing exercise), visualization, inquiry, contemplation, mantra and simply sitting in silence.
Class is Donation based: You give from your heart whatever you can. Suggested donation is $10, and is given as a guide. Feel free to pay more if you can and less if you need to.
Marianne Linn will guide you through a carefully designed sequence of yoga postures, at a measured pace and with fluid transitions, linking intentional breath with conscious movement. Posture by posture, breath by breath, moment by moment - you will be encouraged to build safe body alignment, to cultivate greater sensitivity to body sensations, and to use the breath to stay present and develop a deeper focus and increased self awareness.
Mindful Flow Yoga is a meditation in motion - a practice of discovery by being present with what unfolds in the present moment. Turning within we can clearly see and explore our conditioned and habitual tendencies, held within body, breath and mind.
Marianne creates a new sequence each month, designed to build fluid transitioning between asanas, to develop greater breath capacity and to build a balance of effort and ease, transforming once-difficult postures into a fluid and continuous dance.
Such a practice cultivates mindfulness with an open awareness and responsive quality available at any given moment. With clear intention we are choosing our attitude for the practice, one breath at a time. By choosing a positive mindset we give the mind a positive direction along the path. Practicing in a state of deep focus and awareness, we will begin to experience and rest more fully in a deeper stillness.
All sincere students are welcome. Modifications and variations are given to accommodate students of all levels.
Pilates workouts develop strength through the core of the body--the back, abdomen and hips. The concentration is not only on strength but also flexibility and coordination. The goal of Pilates is overall body fitness, elongated supple muscles, and balance between body and mind, with all the parts of a person working as a whole. Pilates provides practitioners with improved posture, increased lung capacity, and strong, sculpted muscles. Its emphasis on all around, complete fitness supports a variety of fitness goals.
Encompassing the principles of Pilates, the prana and asana of yoga and tai chi, and the great athleticism of dance, Garuda strengthens your whole core and nourishes from within. We start simple and develop into more complex movements and patterns. Garuda foundations, seated and standing movements will be utilized in our practice to further improve overall fitness. The Pilates-based core work combined with gentle twists and spirals encourages greater flexibility in the spine and creates a healthy fascia system with movements that are creative to challenge the mind and body.
Pregnancy is a unique and special time in a woman’s life. The bodies of mother and child are growing and changing rapidly. Prenatal yoga is an excellent support tool for “mama to be” to feel their best mentally and physically. In this class we will practice safe postures that are helpful in relieving common discomforts of pregnancy, provide strength, endurance, and work with our breath. The combination of relaxation, endurance and breathing technique is essential to facilitate the birthing process. 
A challenging, yet fairly slow-paced class for beginners as well as those wanting more precision and mindfulness in their practice. Good for those healing injuries and any level wanting to deepen awareness of movement through yoga. Focus is on feeling and enjoying the effects of yoga on our bodies.
An invigorating flowing vinyasa style class that will tone your body and calm your mind.
This class is taught in a heated room, and is geared toward students who are comfortable with their yoga practice.
Experience a dance of empowerment, camaraderie, and joy! American Tribal Style® belly dance is a classic-yet- modern American fusion of dances of the middle east, Spain, India, and North Africa; its powerful poses and sassy steps become a vocabulary that you can learn to “speak” with other dancers. No choreography is needed; this dance is designed to be done improvisationally in a fun, supportive, collaborative environment. With slow, slinky moves and fast, energetic steps, this dance offers cardiovascular workout, artistic grace, refinement of posture, core strength, and personal empowerment. All ages, sizes, and levels of experience can benefit from this class. Dancers in this class will have a solid warm-up, some drills, and an opportunity to realize the dance through improvising with fellow dancers.
Level 1 Class is adapted to students in attendance with skillful use of breath and movement in postures, relaxation, breathing practices, meditation, and chanting in the Viniyoga tradition. The practice balances effort and ease through breath-centric postures and intelligent, progressive sequencing from simple to more challenging, created according to the needs and abilities of students.
In this class you will synchronize your breath with a flowing series of movements that will improve your strength and flexibility, calm your mind, and leave you feeling invigorated. This class is best suited to students who are comfortable with their yoga practice. The Wednesday morning session will incorporate elements of Yin Yoga; a slow, relaxing style of yoga that incorporates longer, deeper holds of poses that will noticeably improve your flexibility.
An alignment/therapeutic hatha flow class with the intent to cultivate a deeper relationship with the practice. This is not your average hatha class, you'll work and flow, yet learn how to access and understand poses through precise movement. Each class will take a thematic and alignment based approach which will take you deeper into areas of your body through subtle and specific alignment cues. Expect to tap into underworked parts of your body, discover patterns of holding, and releasing tight muscles to create ease and balance in the body. All levels welcome!
Balance your yin/yang in this unique 1/2 vinyasa, 1/2 yin class.
With a personable and grounded approach, Shree will guide you through a rejuvenating, easeful, and mindfully paced Hatha Flow-Yin hybrid class. You will find a cultivation of safe asana or posturing, fluid/intentional movement, thoughtful sequencing and mellow flow. Focus will be placed on releasing tension through nourishing openings around muscles, joints and ligaments, and ending in deeply restorative postures to reset the body, bring clarity to the mind and nourish the soul.
Yin yoga is a quiet practice with deep stretches that are held for 3-5 minutes with transitional poses and energy release in between. Yin is a mindful practice centered around the theory that the yoga sequences affect bodily systems and organ health as well as the muscles and outer body. Yin combines still, deep stretching, with mindfulness in a practice that balances out a more dynamic yoga practice. Aromatherapy is utilized as a tool to elevate your experience. Suitable for all levels.
Yoga for Kids is designed to introduce children ages 4 to 7 to the wonderful experience of yoga! We'll explore the principles of yoga such as breathing and simple poses (asanas) in a 40 minute class that is better suited to your child's attention span. This class is for kids of all ages: parent participation is welcomed, but not required. 
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