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Penny Tibbetts

Penny is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS-200) Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher. She received her training from All Yoga on Ko Pha-ngan Island, Thailand in 2018. Penny brings with her a diverse background from her 15-year career as a U.S. Park Ranger/Emergency Medical Technician.

Penny is relatively new to teaching but has an ever-deepening love of yoga, especially dynamic Vinyasa-based practices like Ashtanga, Power and Rocket. Penny is actively working on her (RYS-500) advanced yoga teacher training with Yoga Tree in San Francisco. She is very passionate about sharing yoga’s myriad gifts with others.

She has a strong personal Mysore-style practice and a background teaching police martial arts and emergency services within in the U.S. Park Ranger service. Penny has traveled internationally to 30 countries and holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography from the California State University-Humboldt.