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Shanti Bernard

Shantika S. Bernard, PhD, LMT – is a passionate Healer, Teacher and Somatic Therapist. She came to Half Moon Bay a year ago, after many years of private practice in Portland, Oregon, and 9 years on Maui, Hawaii. There she worked at the Four Seasons, studied Hula and LomiLomi and was introduced to the ancient Hawaiian ways of healing by various Kumus. Shanti is a certified Rosen practitioner, trained by Marion Rosen and senior teacher Jane Malek since 2007. Her approach to Rosen Method Bodywork is also inspired by her studies of Somatic Psychology and Pre- and Postnatal Psychology (Her research study on the effect of Relational Somatic Presence © in Rosen Method Bodywork on trauma regulation and PTSD treatment has been published at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology). Shanti has been teaching and practicing Healing Arts, Massage and Bodywork, Dance, and Yoga for more than 30 years. Her main focus in recent years has been somatic integration, especially after trauma and loss, and the re-connection with physical and emotional aspects that have been compromised, dissociated or lost over the course of stressful or traumatic life events. Shanti's work is attentive, gentle, intuitive, and deeply inspired by the recognition that we all heal best when we are truly listened to, within a safe environment that allows us to feel supported and respected as we unfold naturally.

Shanti holds a license as ND in Germany, and is a practicing Reikimaster in the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho since 1988. She works in private practice and groups with Family Constellation, Inner Child Work and Jungian Dream Tending.

Here at Ocean Yoga, her modalities include:

Rosen Method Bodywork Reiki Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage through the feet Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage Hawaiian Pokaku Hot Stones Massage, (only in 90 min or 2hr sessions availabe ) Polarity Massage and Cranio-Sacral Release Work

Shanti is available for consultations around questions about Holistic Health, Pregnancy and birth, and Early Childhood/Birth Trauma in mothers and infants, Family Constellation and has trained in Trauma Therapy, using EFT and Rosen-Bodywork Meditation and Movement Therapy. She teaches Restorative/Therapeutic Yoga (RYT 200), Reiki Classes and Aromatherapy in Palo Alto.

Shanti Bernard is currently not instructing any classes.