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Lindsey Kraten 

Lindsey's classes are beautiful and grounded. She incorporates a unique blend of breath awareness into each movement of the body while using sound healing techniques, such as mantra and singing crystal bowls. Her flow is designed to awaken an intentional sense of presence to the physical, mental and emotional bodies. She encourages a focus on body acceptance, which creates room for a positive space and deeper healing. She also strives to encourage and guide others to find and connect with their own inner light; the light she believes connects us all in our truest essence.

Lindsey Kraten instructs the following:

  • Grounded Yang Flow

  • This is a heated vinyasa style class that builds on the foundation of your feet in relation to the Earth, your breath, and building internal heat to purify the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. You can expect alignment cueing and slightly longer holds in postures. It is a moderately paced class and welcomes all levels. .