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Jannella Stebner

Jannella earned her undergraduate degree in Comparative Religious Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. After graduation she traveled to northern Thailand as a volunteer for a refugee assistance organization where she was first introduced to the principals and benefits of Thai massage. Upon returning to the states she earned her 500 hour certification in Anatomy Physiology and Kinesiology from Potomac Massage Training Institute in 2001.

A lifelong learner she has continued her massage education over the years studying a variety of modalities including Zero Balancing with Dr Fritz Smith of the Esalen Institute, Muscular Therapy and common injury care with Dr Ben Benjamin, Lotus Palm Thai Yoga massage with Kam Tye Chow and Traditional Thai massage through the Thai Institute.

In addition to her massage training she is also a yoga instructor with 200 hours of training in a restorative style of yoga called Sahaj Tantra, completed at the Ananda Gurukula Ashram in 2007.

Her style is a hybridization of traditional Swedish, Deep tissue with elements of Thai style rocking compressions along energy meridians and the application of gentle traction while creating fulcrums around which the body can relax and reorganize itself.

Jannella sees all living beings as the expressions of one Divine essence, and recognizes that keeping aware of her state of mind during each session is key. She takes care to frame each session of her practice with what the Thai people call ‘metta’, or ‘loving kindness’.