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Ally Subrahmanyam

Yoga has been a constant in Ally’s life since the first day her mom brought her to a class 7 years ago.She is deeply grateful for the practice because of how it continues to ebb and flow with her as she evolves and for the infinite amount of teachings and the many ways to connect with what yoga is. Ally’s classes are influenced by her teachers, experiences, lessons and travels; all of which have illuminated her path. She has struggled with a chronic disc injury in her lower back that has taught her how to listen to her body and to be an especially compassionate teacher for those suffering with physical pain. She teaches from the heart and truly believes intentional movement is one of the best sources of therapy and ways we can create a union between our mind, body and soul. She is forever a student and a passionate teacher of everything she has learned on her journey thus far.

Just Breathe.

Ally Subrahmanyam instructs the following:

Restorative Yoga: This class is an invitation to slow down and restore your nervous system. Restorative poses and breathing exercises are sequenced to help release the body and mind of tension and stress. Through the use of props and long holds we will gently open the body, experience deep relaxation and nourish our energy. No experience necessary, all are welcome! Please bring something to cover your eyes, such as an eye pillow, if you would like.