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A longtime Pacifica resident, Chandra joined the Ocean Yoga front desk team in May 2015 after many years working in the childcare field. She has been a student of yoga for over ten years, and believes that the benefits of a sustained yoga practice extend beyond the physical body, enriching the spiritual and emotional self, and imparting balance and wellbeing. Chandra is grateful and delighted to be a member of Pacifica's yoga community.
Upon becoming a member of Ocean Yoga in 2011, I immediately felt a sense of belonging and community. At the end of 2015, I retired from the corporate world and was grateful for the opportunity to work here among a wonderful group of people, both members and staff. In addition to yoga, I also practice and teach Yang style tai chi in Daly City. I find yoga and tai chi to be very complementary disciplines for the body and mind.
Lori started working the front desk at Ocean Yoga in February 2013 whilst attending the esthetician program at the Cinta Aveda Institute. She is now a licensed esthetician. Though she has been a student of yoga for only a short time, she has incorporated yoga poses into her daily exercise routine for years. Lori finds joy in working in such a community-oriented environment, where hugs and smiles are the norm.
Having grown up in Utah, Tierra was familiarized with religion, but not with any spiritual practices. It all began when reading a book on astral travel, and self-induced OBE. As her curiosity for esoteric philosophy grew, it became apparent that her life path was to be one immersed in spirituality. One day Tierra and a friend were looking through a local magazine and found an advertisement for yoga teacher training. Having dabbled in yoga at home, finding that it fed not only her desire for spiritual growth, but the need for physical exertion, cultivated by a life time as a dancer; this was a truly pivotal moment. Tierra's whole world brightened up; she had found her dharma. On the day of her first yoga class in 2011 she signed up for teacher training. This helped deepen her understanding and appreciation for her practice of yoga. Since beginning to teach, Tierra has grown in all aspects of life. Teaching yoga has challenged Tierra to never be afraid of being herself, as well as serving as a vessel to share her innate love and kindness with others. Apart from teaching Vinyasa, Hot yoga, and Yin yoga, Tierra specializes in chair yoga for senior citizens as a group, and private sessions with post surgery patients. Complimenting the spiritual/physical practice of yoga, Tierra also practices Kriya meditation and energy healing. These are but the first doors opened for her in what she hopes to be a long and illustrious career of aiding humanity through deeper understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection. In her spare time Tierra enjoys reading and spending time with friends. While residing in California, traveling to Utah to visit family remains top priority, and source of great joy.
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