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Spring into Action: Get Grounded

As spring comes in full force and the days get longer and the world seems to get busier with the hustle and bustle and Memorial Day plans and BBQ's and life threatening to overload us with too much, I am reminded of the simple importance of grounding myself. 

Grounding can take place in many forms.

You could sit on a block, a chair, the seat of your car, close your eyes and feel your sit bones against whatever you are sitting on. Your spine lifting up. The texture of your feet on the floor or your mat, even if just for 30 seconds. 

You could simply bring awareness to your feet as you walk to your next activity/appointment, even if just from the parking lot to where you are going. What does it feel like to have your feet connect to the earth? To be aware of what it's like for your body to walk and move?

You could take three deep slow breaths, simply feeling how the inhales and exhales move in your body. Where do you notice sensation, what are you feeling?

In a world that often feels full and busy, I am amazed at the power of grounding- and how something as simple as just being aware of my body and what it's doing can totally shift my reality. 

One of my teachers has this saying she often repeats in her classes: "The body doesn't lie." The question is- are we listening to what our bodies are saying? I'll be honest- I'm not always listening. Sometimes I'll get halfway through a walk in the forest with my dog and realize i've barely even looked up at the amazingly tall trees around me, or smelled the air or soaked in the breeze. It's then that i feel each foot as i step, and I come back into presence- into awareness of the here and now.

So, if you feel the "busyness of spring" starting to creep in and take over, try out a few simple grounding practices. See if by simply shifting your awareness, you can shift your whole life!


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