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Peter Walters

I began my yoga journey just four years ago with Rusty Wells in San Francisco. At the end of my first class I was drenched in sweat and tears were streaming down my face. I realized that something had shifted. Over the next two years the practice of yoga-- in all its depth, complexity and beauty, became, and remains to this day my daily practice. The yoga mat became a sanctuary and a teacher for me-- a parent, a brother, a friend, a stranger, a warm embrace, a tough pat on the back. The practice let me clearly see what was going on inside, the clear skies and the turbulence. But isn't this the nature of our experiences? Highs and lows, love and loss, smiles and tears, deep suffering and immense joy. It's all part of this experience we call life. The yoga mat is like a mirror, reflecting back everything that is swirling around in our minds, bodies and hearts. So I keep listening, watching and learning about myself through this practice to keep growing and becoming more authentically me. Now I encourage those who join me on these journeys to do (or keep doing) the same-- learning, growing and surrendering, letting go.

After two years of dedicated daily practice and self-study, I signed up for my first Bhakti Flow teaching training. Soon after, I realized it was time to leave my job, sell everything and travel around India and South East Asia for a year teaching/learning/backpacking/practicing/sipping tea. And what an adventure it was. Now that I am back in the city, I feel grateful to be able to share this expression (and remember it's just one) of the practice of Yoga with YOU!

In my free time, you can find me hunting around San Francisco for sweet dogs (ideally puppies), new yoga classes, and the best cafes to write, read the entire internet and create awesome events for YOU! Most of all though, I love spending time with my sweet parents on their houseboat in Sausalito!

Peter Walters is currently not instructing any classes.