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Jennifer Kinder

Jennifer Kinder instructs the following:
  • Mama Bod Workshop
  • This class is taught by a women’s health physical therapist, Dr. Jennifer Kinder. Topics covered for both Pregnant and Postpartum women (even 20 years postpartum!) include:

    -What and where exactly is the pelvic floor? And why just doing Kegels is NOT enough.
    -How to relax the pelvic floor for birth.
    -What is diastasis recti and can I do anything for it?
    -Safe and effective exercises to re-connect to your deep core during and after pregnancy.
    -Pregnant and postpartum posture education.
    -Body mechanics to improve comfort level and decrease injury.
    -Why incontinence is NEVER normal.
    -What is prolapse and what can you do for it?
    -What you can do in the first few days and weeks of healing.
    -Timeline for returning to vigorous physical activities.

    Common things women say after this class:
    “Why wasn’t I told this information before?!”
    “I have felt disconnected from my core for years, I wish I would have known this sooner.”

    $45 dollars before April 15, $50 after April 15.